Sergey Pekkarev, was born in Daugavpils (Latvia) in 1983. Now he is living in Galway (Ireland). The interest for music therefore was born in him since his early childhood (4 years). Started to make his experiments with electronic music in 1999, in the school. His experiences bring him to experiment with combinations of sounds of many genres in one composition. Basically working with minimal, trip hop, techno, house, deep, artcore sound.. he has worked on many projects including performances, diploma exhibitions.


Pekka – his first project based on electronic experimental sound.
Deep Haki – second project based on deep sounds genres (more positive and more exiting project).
Roborobika – third project based on DnB, IDM.

Bisherige Releases:

[KPMP3-005] Roborobika – TV LP


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