[KPMP3-017] ghostlab – fusion soundtrack

[KPMP3-017] hostlab - fusion soundtrack

This entirely live recorded set composed by lyrasoul, jim knopf and dude was originally meant to be the audio track for a previously unreleased video about the german „Fusion Festival“ 2008 filmed by Döle. It is now presented directly to the audience as a single release of the live project Ghostlab. For further information on Ghostlab and Döle check out the following links.


ghostlab – fusion soundtrack (16:46min – 320kbps MP3 – 38,4 MB)

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3 Gedanken zu “[KPMP3-017] ghostlab – fusion soundtrack

  1. just want to thank the guys from ghostlab for sharing their talent of improvisation with us. greetings. and keep it up!

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